Unless we have had a health condition where we know our reproductive functioning has been impaired, our fertility is something we take for granted, until we try and become pregnant…. and nothing happens.

The distress that this can bring into our lives should not be underestimated. It can change how we perceive ourselves and impact our closest relationships. We can grieve for the expectations we had for our lives. Fertility issues can also impact how we view ourselves and our identity with the potential for depression, anxiety and feelings of loss and grief.

If you undertake IVF or go through the adoption route to have your family, there are specialist therapists who you can access who will be best placed  to support you.

Therapy can offer a relationship where you can take the time to discuss and process what this means to you and your life. Some people experience feelings of grief, loss and anger whilst others feel numb or confused about what they will do next.

It is often a time to take stock of our lives. The choices that may need to be considered about life going forward, may need to be explored without the well-meaning concern and bias of friends and family. The role of the counsellor / psychotherapist enables a unique relationship which does not come with the emotional weight of close personal relationships and for this reason can give you the freedom to look more deeply at your own needs, without the distraction of needing to consider the feelings or need to protect others close to you, until you can gain clarity about the options available to you.

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